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The current mood of starbit at www.imood.com

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here's a little button i made to link to here!! feel free to add it anywhere, no need to be affiliated with me :3

welcome!!! let the beat take you away . . .

-hello and welcome to starbit.neocities.org :3!!! this is my little webbed site where i keep my shrines (aka infodump about my special interests), and where im gonna keep a diary!!

-im currently working on several shrines!! currently i have wip ones for gyaru fashion, neopets, early 2000s/2010s scemo, and menhera – and i have ones planned for halloween, the internet character moetron, and vocaloid (or at the very least gumi and miku). i also have a isometric dollhouse in the works, as well as a diary i want to start!!!

-currently starbit features this homepage, an about page, a shrines navigationz, a gallery of f2u dithered backgrounds ive made, a collection of webamp skins i like, and a cute little aquarium i made!!!

-any ads on this site are fake, most of them arent even clickable!! and this site has no plans to be mobile-friendly, im sorry!!! i dont currently have a good way to write the mobile code, and honestly this site's code is kind of a mess already sfhshj

-the buttons scrolling by on the bottom box are sites i like!! my favorite neocities sites atm are cinni.net, and koinuko!!! my favorite non-neocities sites are silent devotion and mini room maker!! CR

N F the site revamp is currently a wip!! more will come soon, i wanted to go ahead and unveil it :3 F M
z these pages still need to be updated!!

N x site updates: x M

-6/17/2022:- i finished my about page!!! it has lots of important info about me AND online pets ive adopted and cute quiz results!!
[and updates are now sorted newest to oldest!!]

-6/14/2022:- the revamp is finally finished and publicly available!!! i worked so hard on this :D
-6/13/2022:- i made a version of this layout thats accessible for bigger screens!! no mobile version planned, too much reworking l
-6/12/2022:- layout completely redone!! my first fully-custom coded website :D
W old site is archived here!!! im slowly updating the other pages :3
-6/2/2022:- site was founded!!