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-Neopets.Com is the greatest Virtual Pet Site on the Internet. It has been since 1999. Or at least, it used to be. I'm not personally very happy with the current state of Neopets, so this is a shrine of my Neopets nostalgia! :-D

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-I started playing Neopets in roughly 2009, when I was 8 years old! I had that account for about two years, until my email was hacked, and I lost that account and of my beloved pets in it. :-( I've had several accounts since, but I can currently be found at amanitaAmalgam! I'm semi-active on there — I just started playing again after a few months away, and I'm not sure how well I'll keep up with it ^_^


-Thank you to for the original code! It's heavily modified for my uses, but does come from there.

Latest News!

6/5/2022: Neopets shrine added! Doesn't this look cool :-)
6/6/2022: Finishing up the front page and figuring out how to add other pages!


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